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Foamboardsource.com is your trusted source for all things foamboard. We stock a large supply of heat-activated foam board including Gatorfoam board and Fomecor foam board products in all gauges, colors and offer custom cut sizes.

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Heat-Activated Foam Board, Perfect Choice for Mounting Photographs and Certian Decorative and Marketing-Related Artwork.

Why is Heat-Activated Foam Board Special?

> Provides a smooth, consistent mounting surface that saves time and production steps
> The adhesive is activated with low temperature settings for a quick, damage-free mount
> Can be used on a heated-mechanical or vacuum dry-mount press, or with a heated roller laminator
> Edges remain closed when die-cut


>POP Displays - Short-term application life
>Exhibits & Kiosks - Short-term application life
>Framing - Long-term application life
>Framing - Archival - not recommended show recommended
>Signage - Interior - Short-term application life
>Signage - Exterior - not recommended show recommended

Product Availability

Heat-Activated coating is available on almost any foam board including the Gator products, Fome-Cor, Sintra and others. Self-Adhesive coating can also be placed on any foam board in any custom cut size.

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